W.Grosskopf – H.-H. Münkner – G.Ringle, Our Co-op. ISBN 978394865014

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Werner Grosskopf – Hans.-H. Münkner – Günther Ringle, Our Co-op
Idea - Mission - Achievements
978-3-940865-01-4, Englische Ausgabe, AG SPAK Bücher Neu-Ulm, 184 Seiten,

In times of globalisation, with boundless markets and high mobility of capital and labour, regionally rooted cooperatives being stable and reliable pillars of development become more important. As enterprises with transparent structures, supported by their members, having as their principal object to promote the interests of their members, they can build on the trust of their members in self-elected leadership and the effectiveness of the system. Grouped together with other co-operatives at regional, national und international levels, co-operatives can combine the advantages of closeness to members und customers with the benefits of large scale enterprise of an integrated co-operative system. The present book brings together the combined experience of the co-operative specialists from the fields of economic and agrarian policy, law of organizations and business administration with thorough knowledge of cooperative theory and practice as common denominator. It gives a concise survey of how „Our Co-op” is functioning and what those working in a co-operative society should know about their organization.


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